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Timber Frame Houses Advantages and Disadvantages

When we talk about the building of a house or taking care of it, we need to mention thousands of big and small necessities. One of them is to what kind of frame to apply. We guess we won’t suppose you if we tell you that wooden frame constructions are among the most popular types. They have a lot of benefits for any house. In the meanwhile, some limits are possible as well. Our review focuses on the main pros and cons of timber frame houses. Be highly attentive because the information we’ll provide below may tell you whether this material can be beneficial for your particular case!

Advantages of Timber Frame Houses.

We will start our comprehensive review with the benefits of wood frame construction. They are great and will satisfy any housekeeper. Let’s get to them!

  • Energy-saving. First of all, wood offers an excellent power-saving benefit. The main trick is that wood keeps heat for a long time. As a result, you won’t have to use electricity or gas to warm your house too often.

  • Great acoustics. Unlike many other materials, timber offers much better acoustics. It absorbs sounds much better than most building materials. Consequently, it’s perfect for people who prefer privacy. Even the thinnest pieces hush the sound.

  • Quick construction. Another considerable advantage of timber is the possibility of erecting this construction very fast. Just compare it to brick or mortar. You will have to spend much more time dealing with those heavy materials that must be suited to their places long. You only need to use prefabricated elements. Otherwise, it may take a pretty long to build the construction.

  • Sustainability. Wood is a sustenance resource. All the trees that were cut to erect the building can be replanted quickly. Moreover, wood is an environmentally-friendly material.

  • Improved quality of the air. Finally, timber provides a house with an air of much better quality compared to many other materials. It lets the air inside and so makes your house merely “breathe.” There will be no need to buy cleaners or air filters if you prefer this material for your house. 

Disadvantages of Timber Frame Houses.

Now, we’d like to concentrate on the limitations of timber construction. We want to point out the fact that some of the drawbacks are “possible.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will take place (at least not too fast). Make allowances for the following cons:

  • Rotting. The very first disadvantage is the rotting of the wood. Additionally, there is always the possibility of mold. As a result, housekeepers must keep an eye on the conditions of this material to avoid possible damage.

  • Fire risk. As we discuss timber frame constructions, we need to mention the vulnerability of the construction materials.

  • Issues with surroundings. Environmental hazards are on the list of disadvantages of timber in construction as well. What do we mean? There are a lot of insect species that adore wood. They dig deep into it and create their nests. That’s why you likewise have to be aware of possible pests.

  • Limited structural features. Another sufficient disadvantage of timber constructions is their limitations in structuring. While you can play with the form and shape when you apply concrete, you cannot claim the same when you apply it to wood. There are definite options left, and if you want to change something after the construction is installed, you will have to break definite areas in the old construction to install the new elements or even change it entirely.

  • Pretty expensive. The cost of wooden construction is a bit more expensive than other materials. You need to check the prices of different manufacturers. Mind that handwork is much more expensive than fabric work! This drawback, however, can pay itself off in the long run because wood offers a power-saving benefit.

Summing Up.

We have reviewed the main benefits and drawbacks of wooden frames for houses. The issue of “frame pros and cons” must be taken seriously because it has definite risks and limitations that may change your mind. Of course, a wooden frame can serve you long if you take care of it and weather conditions, or the environment will not spoil it. We insist on revising all the drawbacks and consulting an expert in the field to understand if this construction suits your household’s needs finally.

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