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Different Types Of Windows: The Features Of Construction And Design

Windows is a natural light source, that helps to save your budget on paying utilities. On the controversial side: more windows, more heat loss in cold seasons. It also impacts the general design of the frontage.

In this article, we will reveal the different types of windows and let you become well-orientated in the classification. Mentioned info will be helpful to find out the answers to the question “Which window is the best for design & what are the best windows to put in my house?”!

Panorama Windows

Panorama windows are a type of window that involves the glazing of great space on the wall. It opens the horizon and smoothes the room edges. Visually, a room with these types of windows seems longer and has more space.

Are you considering the question of which type of windows is the best for the home? This kind is perfect for cottages, which are located in landscaped areas with stunning views. If you aren`t an owner of such ones, panorama windows aren’t the best option for you. There is no sense of garage or abandoned buildings look (better to consider other types of windows).

About The Construction & Its Features

The construction of panorama windows may differ from time to time. It may be located from one wall to another as well as from the floor up to the cellar. The utilization of such window types in design is a common way to make the room bigger optically. 

Some buildings’ plans purpose of making the three walls from glass. However, this step requires lots of features and has lots of nuances. Only the considered project may include such type of window locating.

Just imagine the raising panorama in a house with three walls of glass in the morning or evening. This type of glazing allows us to adore the lovely sunrises and sunsets, watch the wild nature and listen to the birds singing.

Usually, such type of widows is fixed in living and bedrooms and there are some cons. For instance, you have to care about the additional concealment and accept the heat loss in winter. Thanks to modern technologies, the second one can be regulated by choosing windows with a multi-cameras frame with gas, which slows the heat exchange and prevents the loss.

The Classification Of Panorama Windows

There are some fixed windows, which are impossible to open. This is the most democratic item, however, it’s also suitable only for apartments, where the ventilation is greatly considered and supports the additional airflow system (like a conditioner). Another, and more common type, is the sliding windows, which are presented in three categories.

PSK Panorama Windows

This is a sliding conception, where the door moves in grooves. This type of window allows opening windows on the length of its section. Let’s reveal an example: the length of the glassed square is 157 inches, and the length of each door is 39 inches. Consequently, you can open the window at 78 inches. 

The panorama window in the house is usually used as an entrance on the terrace, balcony, or other sorts of things like that. The PSK panorama window construction has a hassled mechanism, which lets to open it without making an additional entrance. This is very useful in cases when you want to ventilate the room and keep your kids or pets here. 

The owners of such panorama windows point out that with a period of exploitation the PSK system may become wobbled. Also, you will have to one of the segments in the mechanism for ventilation, which isn’t the easiest task. What’s more, PSK panorama windows aren’t reliable for a big square of space, because of their lightweight. 

HS Sliding Panorama Windows

Due to the simple system, the HS sliding panorama windows are the most reliable and low-maintenance ones. The additional rigidity of the mechanism allows the fittings to handle the weight up to 1102 Ib. This type of panorama window is widely used to glaze big areas.

Except for the sliding option. it also supports the possibility to recline the doors and have ventilation. If one window segment is laid back, it’s impossible to move it to another side, that is an additional protection of a mechanism. The HS sliding panorama windows are the most frequently used in projecting cottages. 

FS Sliding Windows-Portals

This system foresees the reduction of the window doors in a way of folding, like the harmonica. The segments are laid one on another, which allows the opening of a great entrance space for massive airflow. In essence, you can make a wall, that consist only of such type of windows (the appropriate quantity of frames: 2-10).

The PS window system is moving on the steel rollers. You can choose the side of a slide according to the space: left or right. Nonetheless, bear in mind that it’s only possible during the stage of installation. Later, such changes will be impossible.

One of the PS sliding windows-portals negative is its high propensity for shaking. This item also isn’t as good as the previous ones because of the big quantity of movable details. Also, the windows’ doors are still unfixed, and in windy weather, they may be directly moved by the strong airflow. If you want to move it be ready to make some attempts and use force.

According to the aforementioned, we would like to point out that the biggest probability of draught is also given to FS sliding systems. Hence, if you are easily influenced by wind but want to have a panoramic view at home, we recommend fixing the HS panorama windows. These items support better isolation from the environment.

Remember to use each of the systems carefully, because each harsh or rapid movement may break the mechanism. As the experience shows: if the user follows the instructions from the producer, they are exploited in cottages for decades.

Triangle Windows

Before, such type of windows was commonly used in subfloor rooms. Because of the small square, it skipped some sunlight and provided natural light to the attic. With the passing of years, the fashion of triangle windows rapidly increased and now it’s presented in much bigger sizes. The most creative and useful modifications are fixed at cottages now.

About The Construction & Its Features 

The triangle form of windows is widely mounted into the walls of up floors of the cottage with asymmetric roofs. The acute top of the triangle allows us to use even the space under the roof and have more daylight. Such constructions are traditionally made from plastic and wood. The possible square of glazing is very versatile, however, specialists consist of making the additional segments for the additional hardness of the construction.

Amid the features, we would like to pay your attention to the triangle windows, which have a right angle and items with the same sides (isosceles). Nowadays, some triangle items are presented with cut-off corners, which, factically, have 6-8 angles. The shape of the triangle windows for a new house depends on the features of the roof construction. Under the stingray, the right triangle windows are usually settled in pairs. It allows making the facade design to look more creative and let more light enter. 

Triangle windows are also usually combined with other window options to benefit from the roof space to a maximum. Triangle windows are usually used to supplement rectangular or trapezoidal constructions in facades of irregular shape. Designers and architects like to use different tricks with triangle windows to diversify and make the building look extraordinary.

The Classification Of Triangle Windows

Triangle windows are classified into three classes according to the machine type:

  • Hinged – is a type of window mechanism, where the door opens on the right angle and loops are located on the same vertical side.
  • Folding (usually used on isosceles triangle constructions) – the loops are located on the bottom and the door is folding downs. To prevent the breaking of glass, the construction also involves the usage of a special limiter. This type of mechanism can be also utilized on the models with a right angle.
  • Turntable – the system of opening foresees the vertical and horizontal axle on which the system opens as a consequence of a turn. This mechanism is practiced on all types of windows.

Except for the aforementioned trio, there are also bricked-up windows. If the square of glazing is big, the door is divided into some segments. And as a result, we get semi-bricked-up windows. 

Mansard Windows

Mansards – a type of window, that is located on a roof. Such items are utilized for passing the natural light and fresh air to the rooms, which are located under the roof.

About The Construction & Its Features

According to the fact that mansard windows are a part of the roof, they must be very strong and solid to handle such weather conditions as snow or wind the same way as shingles, odulin or slate. The surface of such windows is usually under the impact of humidity and, therefore, the construction should be supported with an extra impermeability to prevent rainfall. 

The producers of mansard windows support it with promoted noise absorption, otherwise, living in a roof room would be impossible. Choosing such type of windows first of all pay attention to the quality (solidness and leakproofness), not price. In another way, you will get inevitable issues in exploitation.

The Classification Of Mansard Windows

Mansard windows differentiate according to the shape & size, material, number of valves, etc. There are some bricked-up windows as well as sliding ones. What’s more, this type of glazing is also classified into subcategories by the roof angle, where the installation is envisaged:

  • For the vertical roofs.

  • For the flat roofs.

  • For the sloping roofs.

The mansard windows are also classified according to the opening conception:

  • The door can be opened as a traditional window, having loops on the right or left side.
  • The window opens on the middle bridge axis.
  • Combo mechanism: one door could be opened on the top axis as well as the middle one.

Among the consumers, mansard items with the middle axis and horizontal loops are more frequently chosen. This type of mechanism allows you to fix the frame at any angle. And if the rain or snow unpredictably starts, the flow of it wouldn’t enter the room.

There is also a type of mansard window for house designs, that can transpirate into a mini-balcony in a moment. Such construction consists of two parts, which are working according to the up-down principle. The top part is located horizontally, making the company; the bottom part is looking like a stop gate.

Despite the size of the mansard window, you can sit and even stand on such a mini-balcony. If you locate some of them in pairs or parallelly to each other, there will be enough space for spending time with your friend together. 

If the roof of the house has a special chilling ground or terrace the mansard window could be used as the entrance. In such cases, the technology of glazing with two doors is used too.

The Cornice Windows

Cornice windows are a type of window that is usually installed on the junction of the roof and wall. Such a location requires the hassle of preparations, however, it is worth all the attempts because the room with such windows starts looking cozier. 

About The Construction & Its Features

The construction of the cornice windows consists of a combination of mansard and traditional windows. Such windows are individual and fabrics produce them only according to your parameters. These styles of casement windows are win-win in living buildings as well as offices. So, if you are considering a question about what type of windows are used for residential purposes, you already know the answer! The construction required additional leakproofness and insulation because it must handle the same load as the roof does.

Architectors and designers often purpose cornice windows for people, who want to get an extraordinary window look. Truly, with the cornice windows and frames, the facade starts looking more original. What’s more, such construction also provides more light than mansards or classic ones.

The cornice windows allow for making the room more spaced and “up the roof” visually. Cornice windows are perfect if you like growing flowers. If the building support structure is strong enough, you can also use it as an entry to the balcony.

The Types Of Cornice Windows

The cornice windows are differentiated according to the type of opening:

  1. Lifting.
  2. Swivel folds.
  3. Hinged.

Choosing a type of opening mechanism, pay attention to the location of other roof parts. The lifting windows are the most useful because it saves the room from the rain flow even if the window wasn’t closed. 

Generally, cornice windows are very interesting designer options, however, it requires a lot of preparation. Unclever intervention in this place required a lot of problems with heat loss, leakproofness, etc. Therefore, the installment of such window styles for the house is the highest too.

The French Windows

The fashion of such windows started in South French, being precise: the province of Provence. Local people wished to have spacious houses full of light and that’s why they invented such type of massive square glazing. Nowadays, such type of windows is produced from plastic, wood, metal, etc. French windows can be located from the floor to the cellar and installed not only on the right walls but on the faceted wall constructions as well.

Compared to the panorama windows, French ones reach on the lintels. It makes the view a bit worse and promoted the tightness of the window, making it look more extraordinary. Such types of windows withstand the strong wind flow better too.

The other cottage window ideas with this type of glazing can also see in such places:

  • Terraces.
  • Winter gardens.
  • Balconies.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Porches.

You can also redesign this type of window as an entrance to the street from the porch or terrace using the different sliding systems. The height of the entrance could also be the classic door or from the floor to the top. Nonetheless, more glazed squares – more heat loss; so for such type of room additional heat systems are recommended.

The Corner Windows

The corner windows are a modern type of glazing, which foresees the matching of two rectangular windows. located on two different corners but in the same place: corner. This decision is creative and frequently used by designers to make the building look more catching.

In the joint of two windows, there could be a small rack. There are also some ideas without it and it looks like a portal and grabs even more attention. With such types of windows, a lot of light could pass through the room.

Arched & Semi-Arched Windows

After traditional rectangular windows, the second place gets the arched windows. They appeared in ancient time and was installed in castles and palaces. This shape perfectly points to the architecture and highlights the private house compared to others. Nowadays, arched windows are made from the plastic profile, metal, or wood. It could be solid as well as segmented. 

There are also some semi-arched types, which are segmented vertically. 

Such type of windows is often utilized on the top floors. The pair of symmetric construction also wides the opportunities of the exterior design.

The Round Windows

The round windows are the perfect instrument for architecture to make an interesting item even from the common building. Small rounded openings which resemble the illuminator are still relevant for the subfloor space. Huge round windows will be suitable for bedrooms, living, and kids, in a stair block or over the main door.

The construction of the round window can be completed as well as segmented with vertical or horizontal lintels. In the first case, the massive and single flap will move on the horizontal or vertical axis.

In the second case, all the possible open constructions could be utilized (rectangle, square segments, semi-rounds, etc.). There are also some versions with a semicircular window with vertical segments.

The paired symmetric construction of the round windows also widens the capabilities of the designer.

The Ribbon Windows

Ribbon glazing is a type of rectangle or square window glazing in line. The width and height depend on the parameters of a house. Despite the vertical jumpers, visually it seems like a complete construction.

The ribbon windows let more light enter the room as well as the fresh air. The mechanism opens by the hinged or foldable method. In the private cottages, ribbon windows are used commonly in the kitchen room. Under it, the designers locate the surfaces, where you can cook. After this machination, you wouldn’t need to turn on the light during the day meal.

Additionally, the ribbon glazing will be useful for watching the kids, who play outdoors. Cooking watching the stunning landscapes or just adorable view of your garden is also very pleasant, than staring at the wall in front of you.

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