The Best Floor to Live On in an Apartment Building

When people want to buy an apartment in a multi-story building, they think about which floor to choose when buying an apartment first.  Because the comfort of the residents’ life directly depends on the floor on which the apartment is located.

First Floor

The first floor is considered problematic. One of the main and biggest problems of the first floor is security. Apartments on the first floor are easy prey for thieves. That is why first-floor residents need to buy a security alarm system, which requires additional expenses that are not affordable for everyone. In addition, the low location of the windows allows every passerby to look inside.

On the other hand, an apartment on the first floor has its advantages. The first floor is ideal for people with disabilities and the elderly. Such apartments usually cost 10-15% less than apartments with the same parameters, but on higher floors.

Middle Floors

The middle floors are the most popular due to several advantages. You can enjoy a beautiful view, which has a positive effect on a person’s psychological comfort. Exhaust gases and unpleasant smells from the street hardly reach the apartment. Residents can also enjoy cleaner air and avoid unwanted attention.

Upper floors 

Apartments on the upper floors have always attracted people with breathtaking views from the windows, clean air, and a lot of natural daylight. You can rarely hear the noise of cars on the upper floors. In addition, insects rarely fly to the higher floors.

Apartments high above the ground are not suitable for everyone. Many people feel dizziness and anxiety looking out the windows. The main disadvantage of the upper floors is the dependence on the elevator. Delivery of heavy goods and simple lifting to the apartment become a big problem in case of elevator breakdowns.

Final Word: Which Floor of the Apartment is Better?

Apartments on each of the floors have their pros and cons. The lower floors are perfect for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. The middle floors are the most popular and comfortable options for everyone.  Apartments on the upper floors are ideal for lovers of beautiful views and clean air. That is why you should answer the question of how to choose the right floor due to your preferences.


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