How to Choose Curtains for the Room?

When people stuff their houses, they need to decide what they want to see in their rooms and how to fit the interior. Everything starts with various pieces of furniture. Everything ends with the pieces of décor. Curtains are surely on the list of decorations. This is when some troubles should be expected. Not all housekeepers know how to choose a curtain for their home.

Oftentimes, everything seems to be perfect in the room. Yet, this single piece spoils the general impression. That is why you’d better find out how to pick out the right curtains for any room in your house. Our informative article was created to help you with this crucial problem. It provides helpful tips for curtains and how to choose them. Read on if you want to learn those tips and make the right choice!

Decide the Role.

Before you even start reviewing any variants, ask yourself – What kind of curtains should I get? A lot depends on the room and the role of curtains in it. If the function is decorative, the fabric won’t matter about how much will be let in. if you want to add brightness and light to your room, everything will be the opposite. Therefore, start with defining the role before you choose curtains for any of your rooms.

The Most Significant Points to Consider:

Now, let’s go to the main factors that should be taken into account when you select curtains for your house. They will be decisive for any housekeeper.

Figure Out the Length.

Firstly, pay attention to the length of the curtains. They play a decisive role in how your room and its height will appear in the eyes of the onlookers. The standard size commonly comes in 5 variants:

  • 63 inches
  • 84 inches
  • 95 inches
  • 08 inches
  • 120 inches

When you select curtains for the lounge, bedroom, or other rooms, you should check the type of their length. Make allowances for the following variants:

  • Hover is a type that is “just” above the floor.
  • Break means that you’ll need to add one inch to your curtain length measurement.
  • Puddle provides you with a soft and romantic feel. The fabric is 6 inches on the floor. The taller you hand the curtains the higher your ceiling will appear.

Choose the Curtain Fabric.

Secondly, you need to consider the fabric of your curtains. You may read special guides that teach how to choose a curtain fabric. As for now, we’ll highlight different types and their benefits for the interior.

  • Room Darkening. Such curtains help to keep the morning light at bay. It’s perfect for people who prefer to wake up later.
  • Light filtering. If you choose cotton or sheers, your curtains will let in light to make your room brighter and fresher.

Additional tip: Some people want to find the middle ground between brightness and the possibility to block some light. Linen will be a perfect choice for you.

Know the Difference Between Curtains and Drapes.

Another crucial thing to learn is to define between curtains and drapes because many people mess them up. Curtains are made of fabric panels that are light materials. Drapes are made of much thicker materials that block out light. They are perfect for bedrooms but can be also used in any other room. Afterward, you only need to find out how to choose drapes for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, lounge, etc.

Choose the Right Color.

The next objective is to define how to choose the color of the curtains. The choice is, undoubtedly, individual. Ask yourself what colors you would like to see in this or that room. In the meanwhile, you likewise should take into account the furnishings and their colors. When you look at them, you’ll have 2 possible options. The color of your curtains will either harmonize with the furniture or contrast with it.

Consider Prints and Solids.

The next thing you need to clarify is what prints and solids to use. Here again, take a look at your pieces of furniture. Get printed curtains when you have soft furnishings in the room and their color is solid. The opposite holds are beneficial as well.

The Bottom Line.

We hope you have found our informative article helpful for the problem of curtain selection. We have provided wise and helpful tips that explain how to select curtains for any room in your house. Stick to our recommendations and you will never go a miss. You will surely select the most suitable curtains.


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