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How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a House?

We all want to surround ourselves with various conveniences and services. Everything starts with our house. We want to stuff it with the most convenient, luxurious, and beautiful things. Furniture requires particular attention. People surely need a lot of pieces of furniture, but they aren’t always able to afford what they want. That’s why you should create a furniture budget, check all possible options, and select what suit your house and your budget. What is the average cost to furnish a house? 

You should start by defining the average cost to furnish a home. Study the current market, visit the most popular stores (offline and online), and compare their prices. Budgeting for furniture is a serious task that must be treated with due respect. There are several factors you need to take into account. For example, a lot depends on how new your house is and what can suit it. You should know the furniture budget for a new house commonly takes more than for an old house. We’ll try to help to determine the average prices to form your budget.

What does it Cost to Furnish a House? What Is the Average Price?

We have checked the average prices for today to provide you with updated information. Mind that the cost of furnishing a house can change depending on what you buy and where you order the required furniture. We have taken into account the most important rooms for any house and the pieces of furniture that you need.

Cost of Bedroom Furniture.

  • Bed frame: $500-$1,600
  • Mattress: $1,000-$1,500
  • Nightstands: $500-$1,000 each
  • Dresser or chest of drawers: $1,200-$1,800

Total cost per bedroom: $4,550

Cost of Living Room/Family Room Furniture.

  • Sofa: $1,200-$4,000
  • Coffee table: $600-$1,500
  • End table: $200-$700 each
  • Club or side chairs: $800-$1,500 each
  • Credenza: $1,250-$2,700

Total cost: $6,575

Cost of Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture.

  • Table: $700-$2,200
  • Chairs: $200-$600 (6)

Total cost: $2,800

Cost of Patio Furniture.

  • Dining table: $300-$1,500
  • Umbrella: $200 – $550
  • Chairs: $130-$600 (6)
  • Accent tables: $200-$500 (2)
  • Sofa: $800-$2,300

Total cost: $5,500

How Much Would it Cost to Furnish a House?

Not all people can afford plushy things. When you plan a new home furniture budget, you need to give heed to your financial possibilities. Still, there is a chance to get lovely pieces of furniture without paying a lot – when furnishing a house; the cost may be reasonably reduced. We can help with this critical task. 

How much does it cost to furnish a house? It depends on what you buy, where, and “how.” Here are a few tips that help to furnish your home on a budget:

  • Look for discounts. First of all, look for local stores that specialize in selling discontinued or slightly damaged stuff. It doesn’t mean that those things are of poor quality. They may still satisfy your needs and make your house shine with new captivating colors. Such stores offer very attractive discounts.
  • Consider antique and vintage stores. These stores sell unique and interactive pieces that can suit the interior of merely any house. They offer a combination of new and old things; by selecting them, you can find out the cost of decorating a house. The prices are pretty cheap and affordable if you buy them there. 
  • Search for retailers. You can save a lot of your earnings and lower furniture costs because retailers frequently offer discounts.
  • Check seasonal bargains. You should also know that many stores offer seasonal sales that help to reduce the cost of furniture. This is a perfect chance to get even plushy items without paying a lot. You simply need to hold your hand on the pulse of the latest updates.
  • Use the Internet. Finally, you should shop online. Virtual stores commonly offer lower prices compared to ordinary stores and even share posts and statistics on the cost to fully furnish a house.

Now you know the approximate prices. They show you how much should you spend on furniture for a new house. Of course, if your dwelling is large, you may wonder about the cost to furnish a 2 bedroom house or the cost of furnishing a 3 bedroom house. As you have already seen, the price depends on tons of tiny and large things. But the main idea is – the bigger house you have, the higher cost to furnish the house is. So, the cost of furnishing a 4 bedroom house may reach fantastic figures if you have a desire and possibility. Use the data provided in our helpful guide to plan the budget realistically.

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